Executive Education Program Overview

An Essential New Program for Senior Executives!

Food Industry Executive Leadership Development

4 magical days of MBA skills training and networking with legendary natural foods top brass… for the new generation of leaders in food and CPG.  As of July 1 we are sold out, but you can add your name to the waiting list here.

* Learn from top scholars and 10 current or former CEOs *
* Add critical new skills *
* Discover industry best practices, build your peer network *

July 22-26, 2018


It’s the first MBA-level executive education program designed by and for the natural foods industry.

Geared for the new generation of food and CPG senior leadership, our unique format is unlike any other executive education program in the country.  It combines theory and practice side by side in a team-taught setting, offering participants both MBA-level coursework and a deep dive into the tactical, practical world of running a natural products business.  It marries the best of graduate business education with the pragmatic real-world experiences of practitioners – all filtered through the lens of the natural products industry’s one-of-a-kind culture of entrepreneurship, disruption, purpose-beyond-profits, and explosive triple-bottom-line growth.

The program also provides an unprecedented chance to network with others in the industry, to experience the best of Boulder’s “living laboratory” of natural products companies, and to build ongoing specialized learning through webinars and online courses available only to those who have earned the certificate for completion of the in-person immersion.


  • Dynamic 4-day immersion into MBA concepts, cutting edge research AND the practical operating skills of the natural products industry
  • Exclusive access to ongoing, deeper training through online classes, webinars, and knowledge library
  • Fantastic opportunity for networking and access to the people who built the culture and economic engine of the $150 billion industry
  • Unparalleled training for top executives (Directors, VPs, SVPs, C-suite) in critical skill areas like
    • leadership development (style assessments, decision-making, game theory, negotiation, emotional quotient, etc.)
    • people management (modern hiring/retention/compensation strategies, design and development of teams, motivation in the absence of financial incentives, etc.)
    • 21st century marketing (brand narratives and storytelling, packaging, digital marketing landscape, utilizing big data, the case for purpose, etc.)
    • business economics (financial literacy, corporate financial management tools, food industry accounting, budget building, valuing opportunity costs and impact products, etc.)
  • Field trip into the “living laboratory” of Boulder to visit retail concepts and production facilities
  • Team-taught by the world-class faculty of the CU Leeds School of Business AND many leading practitioners, including 10 current and former natural foods CEOs


  • Directors, VPs, SVPs, C-suite members in marketing, sales, ops, finance, supply chain, and HR
  • Key executives being groomed for succession
  • Entrepreneurs in the natural products industry, and those outside it who admire it
  • CPG leaders who want to immerse themselves in the culture of natural foods
  • Venture capitalists and investors, and leaders of their portfolio companies
  • Natural products executives seeking to expand their networks and learn from the godfathers and godmothers of the industry