FIELD Exec Ed Program 2019 – Curriculum


The curriculum for the 2019 FIELD program is geared toward mid-career executives who want to accelerate their professional development through immersion into a variety of MBA topics, in-depth natural products industry research, and tactical/practical skills.  It has been designed with specific feedback from the participants of our inaugural program in 2018.

Here are the major areas of study we are planning, which will be team-taught by leading professors and industry practitioners, and punctuated with presentations from keynote speakers and the research team at New Hope Network (specific sessions may be added or changed as the date draws nearer):


Day 1: Management and Leadership

  • The latest in organizational behavior research
  • Best practices in hiring, retaining, compensation, motivation, promoting diversity, and team-building
  • Examination of the culture of entrepreneurship – how to foster it, and why it separates the natural products industry from every other
  • Personal leadership development: how to transform yourself from a manager into a leader


Day 2: 21st Century Sales and Marketing

  • Disruptions in the US Consumer Ecosystem
  • Track 1:
    • Retail sales 101 (basic concepts, terminology, structures and tools)
    • Brand building in and out of social media
  • Track 2:
    • Retail sales 201 (a deep-dive into natural products sales techniques)
    • Omni channel sales – how to capitalize on opportunities outside of bricks-and-mortar stores
  • Data analytics and modern marketing research – statistical tools and research techniques for unveiling and understanding consumer insights
  • In the trenches with SPINS data, trade promotions, and coupons

Day 3: 

  • Living Laboratory Tour of some of the Boulder area’s more interesting food production and retail facilities
  • Business ethics and human-centered design


Day 4: Business Economics

  • Macroeconomic view of the industry and its importance
  • Track 1:
    • Business Economics 101 (essential accounting and cash flow concepts, terminology, formulas)
    • The Magic of Margins (walk through a financial statement and discover the impact of each item on margins)
  • Track 2:
    • Business Economics 201 (valuation principles, sources of capital, tools for financing, accounting for shrink and coupons)
    • Financial modeling and forecasting
  • Negotiations training


Day 5: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management

  • Principles of sustainability
  • A look at regenerative ag and the circular economy
  • Supply chain theory
  • Practical navigation of supply chain issues in the food industry




2019 LODGING (coming soon)