Apply for Expo West 2024

Launch your new career at the MBArk Core Program at Expo West!

This event will take place March 14-16, 2024 in Anaheim, CA, with many exciting components including:

  • Walk the Floor with CEOs
  • MBA Alumni Dinner
  • MBArk CEO Breakfast and CEO Speed Dating
  • Numerous booth meetings with top natural food executives
  • Focus sessions on topics like marketing, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and impact investing
  • Full access to the show floor and Expo West events, with 75,000 attendees and 3,500 exhibitors

Participating companies, executives and speakers will be announced in January of 2024.  To take a look at our last MBArk Expo West agenda (2023), click here.

There will be about 40 spots available for current MBAs and other graduate students and it is a competitive process, with an expected four applicants for each spot.  Applications are now being accepted. Scroll down to apply.

There are two deadlines to apply for the MBArk program at Expo West.

The priority (round 1) deadline was WednesdayJanuary 24 at midnight MST. Applications submitted by then have a greater chance of acceptance, because we take about 75% of our pool from that group.  Additionally, only people who apply by then have a chance to reserve hard-to-get discounted hotel reservations through MBArk.  NOTE: There will be quicker-than-usual 7-day turnaround time for those accepted in round 1 to accept or decline the invitation.

The final (round 2) deadline is Wednesday, February 7 at midnight MST. We will pull about 25% of our pool from this group of applicants, which will also include those not accepted during the first period.  Additionally, if an opening arises after the second deadline because someone withdraws, we will pull from the remaining pool of applicants.

Applicants who are accepted will be asked to submit a fee to hold their spot and cover the program expenses, including two dinners and two breakfasts, as well as access to all events. Participants are also responsible for paying their way to and from Anaheim, and for all other incidental expenses, although in many cases subsidies are available through your school. Discounted reserved hotel rooms should be available through MBArk, on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost of the pass for Expo West, normally as high as $1200 for guests, will be entirely waived.

Apply Now!

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Street Address 2 (Unit #)
Cell Phone
Your PERMANENT (Non-School) Email Address
Your University Name and MBA or Grad School Program
Month/Year of Graduation
What are your functional areas of expertise from previous work experience (e.g. - marketing, sales, supply chain, finance, sustainability, entrepreneurship, etc.)? Just list them here - you can go into more detail in a later question.
If different from your past work experience, what are your areas of INTEREST for future positions?
Provide a brief history of your career highlights prior to graduate school including undergraduate school and degree, key jobs and positions held, your connection to food or ag or sustainability, and other information that would prove helpful in getting to know you.
If you are a second or third year grad student, do you already have a job lined up after graduation? If so, please describe. (Otherwise, enter N/A.)
If you are a first year grad student, do you already have a summer internship lined up? If so, what? If not, what companies have you been or will you be speaking with? (Otherwise, enter N/A.)
What other MBA or food conferences or career events have you attended outside of school, if any?
Whether you are currently looking for a summer internship or a fulltime job, what percentage of your effort would you estimate will be conducted independently, as opposed to going through you career office or on-campus recruiting - from a low of 0% independent to a high of 100% independent?
Why is attending MBArk and Expo West important to your career goals? What are the key things you hope to get out of the experience?
What companies and/or individuals do you hope to meet with at Expo West?
The MBArk program will begin at about 2pm on Thursday, March 14 and will continue through mid-afternoon on Saturday, March 16. If accepted, and taking into account your class schedule and travel needs, what is the likelihood that you can attend the ENTIRE program - from a low of 0% to a high of 100%?
How did you find out about MBArk (please be specific - for example, through you school career office, school club e-mail, social media, word of mouth from past attendee, etc.)?
Do you know whether there is any funding available from your school (career office, dean's office, clubs, etc.) to help subsidize your travel and/or participation in MBArk, and if so approximately how much? This is for our informational purposes only and will not impact your application.
Please supply a link to an online profile, such as LinkedIn, or e-mail a copy of your resume to