MBArk Suspends All Operations

Regrettably, the coronavirus has claimed MBArk as one its victims. The business I spent 9 years building vaporized in less than a week.

I am sure you can understand why it became necessary to suspend all operations. The entire business was predicated on events at which relatively large groups of people gathered from far afield. That is not a business that has any place in a coronavirus world, and it may never again. Furthermore, we don’t know when the economy might recover or when hiring freezes will be lifted, or if business schools and universities will resume in-person classes at all during the next year; so the work that MBArk was designed for has been rendered moot. And, since we don’t know how long the crisis will last, I personally must immediately shift my time and focus away from MBArk and into finding some other means of generating income.

If the world should stabilize and return to something approaching normal in the next 12-18 months, it is possible that I might be able to restart MBArk. I am also looking at creating some online content and programming.

But for now, each of us must concentrate on protecting ourselves, staying healthy, and keeping those around us healthy. With all of this, I wish you Godspeed and great good luck.