MBArk Food Entrepreneurs

MBArk both attracts and creates entrepreneurs.  MBA students who have used their MBArk experience at Expo West and Expo East to help build their networks; find investors, co-packers and retailers; research categories and competitors; and gain inspiration.

Among the natural products companies started by MBArk alumni are:

Absinthia’s Bottled Spirits (Absinthia Vermut – Babson ’18, MBArk ’17W)

88 Acres (Nicole Ledoux – Harvard, MBArk ’14; and Rob Dalton – Babson ’14, MBArk ’14)

FedWell Pet Foods (Emily Lagasse – Babson ’15, MBArk ’14)

Oishii vertical strawberry farms (Hiroki Koga – Berkeley ’17, MBArk ’17W)

Siren Snacks (Elizabeth Giannuzzi – Stanford ’17, MBArk ’17W)

Sunwink (Eliza Timpson – Harvard ’17, MBArk ’17W)

Urban Leaf (Nate Littlewood – Columbia ’16, MBArk ’16E)

Waku (Juan Giraldo – Babson ’18, MBArk ’17E)

Zoni Foods (Zoe Lloyd – Yale ’16, MBArk ’16W-E)


Nicole Ledoux and Rob Dalton of 88 Acres