NEW! MBArk2Boulder Food Leadership Conference

The premier food networking and education event for grad students, undergrads, and recent grads!


MBArk2Boulder is an exciting new event that┬ádebutec January 2-4, 2019, in between academic semesters, hosted by the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business.

This is the latest program from MBArk, which has been connecting students to the natural products industry since 2011.

“M2B” is geared toward graduate students, undergrads, and recent grads from all around North America who are passionate about careers in food – from marketing to sustainability to agricultural systems to entrepreneurship to investing to addressing food waste.

It features presentations by many of the legendary leaders of the natural and organic foods industry and Leeds faculty, as well as workshops, a food sampling fair, a job fair, and fun networking activities – all nestled in the living food laboratory and winter wonderland that is Boulder, Colorado.

It’s like a Net Impact Conference, TED talk, and natural products expo all rolled into one – designed to help accelerate your knowledge and advancement in one of the world’s most fulfilling and dynamic triple-bottom-line industries.